Solid Foundations For the Future

Professional Grouting Inc. – We Repair Foundations

We Repair Foundations

1Foundation Work

At PGI, we work with high-end products and equipment to solve deep foundation problems of any scale including cracks, sinking, settling, and more. Our team of skilled engineers knows just what to do.

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Soil Stabilization

When you need quality ground treatments for commercial and residential construction, architecture, and real estate projects, PGI has the talent and the tools.

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Pools, Decks, Seawalls, etc.

PGI performs expert concrete repair (slabjacking) for pools, decks, seawalls, and more. Water pressure, soil pressure, adjacent structures, & bad soil are just a few of the causes for cracking, corroding, or settling.

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Who We Are

When you suspect a cracked or settling foundation at your residence or place of business, a pool deck that is cracking, or a building location that requires soil stabilization—turn to Professional Grouting, Inc (PGI).

PGI is a proactive, innovative company established in 1999 to serve customer’s professional grouting needs throughout the state of Florida and beyond. We work with skilled engineers, use high-end products, and provide quality treatments to solve your foundation related challenges.

Our Mission

At PGI, we are in business to serve residential and commercial clients in the construction, architecture, and real estate industries. Our mission is to take a unique one-job-at-a-time, on-site management approach for your important projects that require foundation stabilization. We have the talent and the equipment to work in narrow spaces, and we specialize in expert workmanship with helical piers. We repair foundations in Vero Beach and throughout the state of Florida, and hold certification in helical pier technology from Chance.

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